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Role Play Guide

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Role Play Guide

Post  Chito on Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:09 am

'RP' is an abbreviation of the word "RolePlay".

RP is when you take on a special role of an animal, human or something else, and write messages about you being them.

Here is a quote from

'Roleplay is a very fun and time-consuming activity. You can become anyone you want to be, based on a topic of your interest. For example; fantasy, highschool, animals, Warriors, etc. On the Internet, people on forums all over the place come up with a plot in which you create a character to go along with the plot. '

Some more abbreviations you may not know:

OOC - Means ' Out of character '
IC - Means ' In character '
CB - Means 'ChatBox'

When your character is talking use "
Example: Chito sees a pup and walks to it. " What is your name? "

When your character is thinking use '.
Example: Chito sees a pup and walks to it. ' I wonder what it's name is '.

When you're talking about something not RP related, use brackets.
Example: Chito walks to the tree and lays under it, falling asleep.
(I have to go now. Bye!)

You can put the brackets at the top of your post, or at the bottom.

Hopefully this has helped you learn more about Rping!

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