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Role Play Rules

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Role Play Rules

Post  Chito on Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:13 am

Okay, so I know we all love to RP, but before you do, please read these rules and follow them.

●1 No automatic killing - Example: I ran to the stranger wolf and bit his neck and killed him.
Instead, make the fight or whatever last at least 3 posts to each person taking part in the fight.
●2 No superpowers or God Mode.
●3 Don't swear or make your character swear.
●4 Be nice to everyone that is RolePlaying with you.
●5 Mates are allowed, and you can have pups, cubs etc. Please ask an Alpha before doing so. By the time the pups are 1 (Yearling), they must be gone if you haven't found someone to RolePlay them.
●6 If a problem occurs in RP, PM an Alpha.
●7 Fighting is allowed, but not too much of it. Make sure it's under control.
●8 If you are having issues with a member, do not bring it out side of RP. That means don't be angry at each other in the ChatBox.
●9 Treat every member equally. Be nice and respect them - especially the high ranked wolves.

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